AI-Based Candidate
for the C-Suite.

AiFlow Powers Executive Search and Board Advisory at the Speed of AI

In today's competitive landscape, quickly delivering exceptional candidates is essential for building long term partnerships with clients. AiFlow empowers your firm to exceed expectations through the power of artificial intelligence. Our AI possesses unparalleled insights into C-level and board candidates, enabling search firms to deliver the absolute highest quality candidates at unprecedented speeds.

Better Candidate Slates, Faster.

Deliver Unrivaled Results in Record Time. AiFlow's cutting-edge AI technology enables you to present higher-quality candidate slates to your clients faster than ever before. Our intelligent algorithms analyze millions of data points, instantly identifying the most promising candidates for your search.

AiFlow has intelligent search capabilities powered by scorecards and competency matrices, ensuring that you find candidates who precisely match your client's requirements.

Built for Elite Firms

AiFlow was initially developed as a secret weapon for value creation teams in New York's leading private equity firms. Our platform has been battle-tested and refined to deliver unparalleled quality for the most demanding clients.

Candidate Dossiers

Generate customized candidate dossiers in seconds using the latest AI.

Effortlessly present a polished image that reflects your firm's quality. Sit back while our AI uses our unparalleled candidate data to present unparalleled insights.

Enterprise Grade Security

AiFlow is SOC II Type 1 certified and adheres to strict security standards.

We have strong Data Protection Agreements with all of our AI vendors and do not use any customer data for training our proprietary models.

Highly Customizeable

We offer bespoke solutions for our enterpise clients.

AiFlow’s platform is highly customizable and we're glad to do custom integrations. Book a demo to learn more.

Elevate Your Executive Search with AiFlow.

In the race to secure the best executive talent for your clients, AiFlow gives you the competitive edge you need. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your search process. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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Built by Search Experts

AiFlow was created by two expert technologists with deep understanding of executive search and the latest advances in AI.

Nick Manske

Nick Manske

Co-Founder & CEO

Josh Gardner

Josh Gardner

Co-Founder & CTO